Friday, Jun. 23, 2006 || Stupid knee

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I've done something to irritate my right knee. Well, I guess I know what has irritated it - running and possibly the rope jumping I did two weeks ago are the likely culprits.

What I don't really know is what it is. I didn't actually twist it or fall on it or any such nonsense. When I was in drill team in high school, this knee would swell up on occasion, much like it is now. It felt achy, overall, and that's how it feels now. So, somehow, I guess I've frustrated an old injury (?).

I bought a bandage/brace thingy for it, and that seems to help when I walk or run. I know, I know, I probably shouldn't be running, but it doesn't hurt when I run, even without the brace. It hurts more when I just walk or I am standing still. Or even just sitting. Oh, and forget bending down to kneel - that ain't happening too well on that side of me.

And it's not even really that it hurts. It just feels stiff and moan-y (I know, not a word, but I think it describes how it feels).

I probably need new running shoes. These haven't been used as much as I used my first pair, though, which is kind of frustrating. But I have never liked them as much as that first pair (same brand and style, but they "improved" them - heh, not if you ask me).

They are expensive, and I'd really like to hold off till I am working again in the fall.

Then there's the whole doctor thing. Our insurance is changing in two weeks, so I would like to put off any appointments and such.

Argh. What timing.

For the most part, I really like the mid-30's. But at times like this...not so much.

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