Thursday, Jul. 11, 2002 || Back in one piece

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Please note: If some of the links and pictures within my diary and various entries do not show up, it is due to the location where they are served - it was flooded Tuesday night and 1/3 of the computers were drenched. So, major technical difficulties!

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I survived the gravel road, and we are back in one piece. Actually, it wasn't as bad going up and down it as the driver. I just concentrated on the road and it seemed a lot shorter than I remembered.

We arrived at the camp around 1 PM and were told that Rob was in the cafeteria getting lunch. I walked in and scanned the crowd and then did a double take. His hair was "au natural", obviously from swimming. Still something wasn't quite right...

Ah, no glasses. I quickly remembered that someone had sat on them and one of the screws is missing.

Hmmmm....something was still off in his appearance, though not in a bad way, just different.

Then it hit me.

He shaved off his gotee.

Whoa, that made him look so much younger (not that he looks old now; the gotee actually makes him look closer to his age). It really threw me for a loop and took me back in time.

I guess it was irritating him so he just shaved it off that morning and is starting all over. So, he should have the makings of a new gotee by the time they get home tomorrow afternoon.

Parker was pumped to swim, and wouldn't you know it, our summer drought broke right during swim time with a thunderstorm. It lasted long enough that they decided not to open the pool at all.

I have to brag on big brother, Nathan, though. He went around from counselor to counselor once the storm had passed and asked if they could please open the pool so that his little brother could swim. Made this mom proud!

We stayed for dinner and then loaded up and headed out. Took us a little longer to get home as we had to make 3 stops (one because Parker exclaimed, "I have to POOP!!!!) and hit some fog on the final hour of the journey.

Today is catch-up day, and I better get to it!

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