Saturday, Jul. 13, 2002 || Computer woes

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Please note: If some of the links and pictures within my diary and various entries do not show up, it is due to the location where they are served - it was flooded Tuesday night and 1/3 of the computers were drenched. So, major technical difficulties! As soon as possible I will re-upload the images.

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Add to the above situation the fact that my hard drive died sometime after midnight, and you have the makings of major, MAJOR technical difficulties for this chick.

Since I am on my kiddos 'puter, and it simply drives me nuts, I probably won't be back until I am up and running again.

Try not to miss me too much!

PS - Rob and kids got home yesterday afternoon, and save the mega-ton of laundry I now have, it is great to have them back.

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