Tuesday, Jan. 03, 2006 || It's a consipiracy, I'm telling you.

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You have got to be freakin' kidding me.

Indeed, there seems to be a consipiracy against me getting my broadening backside back on the treadmill.

For the past three years, I have been a part of The Going Nowhere Posse. In 2003, I exceeded my goal of 500 miles. In '04 and '05, I didn't even make it halfway there. Ever the optimist (ha), I have once again pledged to cover 500 miles on my treadmill and out-and-about ye ole neighborhood once winter has passed.

Let me back track a bit. It is no secret that when we first moved here, I was incredibly busy, and we maneuvered around a plethora of boxes for weeks on end. This did not lend to treadmill time. But there was a point that I decided I needed to start moving again beyond the dash up and down the stairs each day.

I finally jumped on the mill sometime in November, only to find that the security key had jumped ship. (Likely it is still packed in a stray box somewhere.)


I ordered another one and upon it's arrival, once again grabbed a bottle o' water and jumped on the thing. This time, I quickly realized that the cord did not reach an outlet, and wouldn't you know I couldn't find an extension cord with the proper three-pronged end.


Amidst the holiday preparation, I came across a cord that would work, but failed miserably in getting my butt back on the thing.

Enter 2006, my new pledge, and this morning. Determined to start logging some miles (it's already the 3rd, donchaknow), I gamely opened the apparatus, planted a fresh bottle of that clear stuff in the handy-dandy holder, verified that the key was indeed on the tray, and plugged the sucker up with the newly discovered extension cord. Last but not least, I squatted down to flip the power button, and that's when...

"You have got to be freakin' kidding me."

The power button, boys and girls, has been bent and jarred in to the bottom of the treadmill. No clicky-clicky. Nada. Zip.

Which is now exactly how many miles I still have for this year.

It must have been jammed in the move. Rob assures me that he can likely fix it, but that's not helping me this AM.

If I wasn't so frustrated, I'd probably get a good knee-slappin' laugh out of all of this.

It's a consipiracy, I'm telling you.

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