Friday, Jan. 06, 2006 || Bane of my existence

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I am so freaking cold, I can hardly stand it. With the price of natural gas, I abhor turning the heat up, but I am so tired of icy hands and chilled bones!

Someone want to remind me why we moved farther north?

School has been exhausting this week. We haven't finished before 3 PM a single day. N@than is still working on his stuff, and it is almost 4 PM.

But my nails look purty. My throne for a cranberry scone.

I really dig OPI nail color (have I mentioned that already..?).

I was going to go to the library to pick up some Bil1 Nye science videos for the kids (I feel so lacking in that subject, and he has some cool stuff that is fun to watch) this afternoon, so I decided to check their hours on the website.

Closed on Fridays. Hmph. At least I didn't drive there to find that out, eh?

Let's see...what else can I complain about?

*wry grin*

This isn't a complaint (honest!), but I haven't mentioned that we had our first real, live overnight guests last weekend. It was very odd that we hadn't yet had any out-of-town visitors in the 4 months we've lived here. But Janie and her crew drove up for the New Year's weekend. I think a good time was had by all. Rob was feeling quite poorly and had to spend a bunch of time up at the old computer lab at the school where I used to teach, and Steve got a migraine on Saturday, and Janie had the head cold thing goin', but other than that, the kids didn't kill each other, much good food was consumed (along with some tasty white grapes), and we even survived a day-visit from the parenthood on Sunday.

Speaking of that stupid computer lab, Rob had promised that he would make sure the new computers were installed and up and running even though I had resigned from the school. Now, remember, I resigned back in late October, and my last day was November 9th. Of course no one said boo until about (to borrow a phrase from the effervscent Marn) 10 minutes before Christmas, at which time he was informed that it needed to be up and running for the new teacher when the kiddos returned to classes on the 4th.

Rob, with the assistance of Steve and mini-Steve (also known as Alex), spent a good part of Saturday up there. Sunday after church, we all trudged up there so they could look over some things.

A few minutes turned into 10, 20. I was getting antsy. I had chose that morning to try out the delay start entry feature on my stove, and the ham was merrily baking. I had it perfectly timed that we would get back to the house at the precise moment that I would need to remove it, glaze it, and finish baking it.

With flourish, of course.

Rob got tired of my whining, and Janie offered to take me back to the house so I could check the pig. We drove the 20 minute trek and pulled into the driveway, at which time I conveniently realized that I had no house keys.


Within a nanosecond, I also remembered that Rob left his phone in the car. Janie found Steve's in the van.

Oh, joy.

So, we can't get in the house, we can't get a hold of our darling spouses, our folks are on their way up from Mary-land, and the ham is still a-cookin'.

That STU-pid (you have to say it just like that: STU-pid) computer lab is still the bane of my existence!

And I haven't even mentioned the plethora of hours Rob and I spent up there Monday and Tuesday night.

See, I did it! I did it! I thought of something else to complain about!!

But, all's well that ends well. We finally got in the house, the ham was but a tad dry (though no one would actually admit that too me), and we managed to have a relaxing afternoon even with the parents in the house.

And if I never have to step foot in that lab again, it will be too soon.

~ ~ ~

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