Thursday, Mar. 31, 2005 || Can't let stupid people get me down!

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I get to go to NH/ME with my honey this weekend. Woohoo, woohoo!

The kiddos and I have to drive up to MD so that Kay's buddy can fly back to MO on Saturday. So, the plan was to meet Rob there and hang out for the weekend at the parentage's. I talked to the maternal unit about it several weeks ago, asked her if it would be alright for us to land there, and perhaps stay through the weekend.

Of course the answer was yes.

Then I find out - not from her, mind you - that all kinds of painting and remodeling is likely happening in the very room(s) that we would be sleeping in. And the kicker - no one called to tell me this. I'd even talked to her the night after these spruce-up plans were made, and she didn't mention a thing.


Needless to say, I was a bit frustrated.

We are fortunate that Rob's company will foot the bill for a hotel Friday night because he has to go through BWI to get to NH from the last market. So, in the end it is working out.

But what if the company wasn't doing that?

I guess I am just weary of people not keeping their word and forgetting their promises. So, forgive my rant, but you know, this kind of thing has gotten old.

On the bright side, we get to stay in a gorgeous hotel close to the airport with a pool, hottub, and hot breakfast. And there won't be any duct tape in the shower or heaping servings of guilt to go along with the conversation.

And, back to where I began, I get to go away with my hubby for the night. Tara has graciously offered to increase her brood by three so that I can hop on a plane with my man. We'll take Kay's buddy to the airport and then fly out ourselves about an hour later.

Woohoo, woohoo!

Oh. I guess I already said that. But one can never have enough woohoo's in an entry, now can they?

It's been stress city around here for the past two weeks and this will be a welcome diversion.

I also think that God is giving me some clarity as to our future. I am excited and scared. But that's par for the course.

It's always an adventure, this walking-with-God thing.

Now if I could just ignore clueless, non-thinking people along the way, I would have a much happier existence.

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