Monday, Apr. 04, 2005 || A good kind of weary

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The weekend get-away was lovely, albeit rainy and gray in NH and ME. But neither of us cared about the weather. It was about reconnecting, getting away from our "normal" routines, which are, obviously, about as far from normal as you can get.

How many of you flew from Norfolk to Baltimore to Boise to southern Cali, to OH, back to Baltimore, to New Hampshire, back to Baltimore, drove to Norfolk, then flew to RI in the space of 7 days?

And no, he isn't a pilot or flight attendant.

I found the folks of those two northern states to be either especially warm or especially cold. And neither the twain shall meet.

In other interesting happenings, one of the servers at the Japanese Steakhouse we went to on Saturday night had a rat tail. It was at least 8 inches long.

I might have expected such a sighting at C@ctus Willie's in G1en Burnie, but in P0rtland, ME?

Speaking of CW's, we took Kay's buddy there Friday night to sample the fine MD buffet cuisine. Two things come to mind as I think about our meal. Firstly, this is the only restaurant where I eat dessert first: bread pudding with rum sauce. Secondly, there are some heavy hitters that frequent that joint. I'm telling you, 95% of the folks there have likely never heard of South Beach, Atkins, or the Abdominizer.

If they're gonna spend 10 bucks for a steak buffet, they are going to get their money's worth, by golly.

But you know, it was actually kind of refreshing to observe the patrons of that fine dining establishment. Most of the folks were with their families. Big groups of them. Laughing and eating and and talking nonstop in that don't-you-dare-take-a-breath-while-you-tell-a-story-or-someone-else will-grab-the-conversation-and run-with-it style, with nary a thought as to carb counts or fat content.

Hmmmm. Where was I? Oh yes...

So. Much of the weekend was spent talking about our future (that is, in between getting tickled by the man who it has taken 16+ years to find my one and only ticklish spot, which will, indeed remain classified to the general public). The road signs all seem to be pointing toward Rob pursuing his Masters. Now it's just figuring out if we will move again, or if we can stay here whilst he moves forward with that.

I'd love to stay put. The kids are settled in their schools. We are a part of a great church. I love my job. And who wants to move again, anyway?

But Rob can't do school and work as he has been. And our other primary goal is to get him into my bed every night instead of some hotel in the greater 48.

I know better than to draw any lines in the sand. For those are the very ones that the tide of God's plan and timing obliterate all too quickly.

So, here I am now, back home, sans hubby, who flew out at the butt-crack-o-dawn this morning. I didn't realize how draining his travel schedule must be until today, when upon seeing the kiddos off to school, I promptly snuggled back under the covers and didn't wake up until the phone rang at 11 AM.

And I suppose all the conjecturing and what-ifing is a bit wearying too.

But, you know what? It's a good kind of weary. Like one feels after an effortless run on a gorgeous spring day.

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