Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2005 || "Do you want ONE MORE RIDE?...I CAN'T HEAR YOU?"

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So, where were we?

Oh, yes, waiting. Again.

But rather than keeping you waiting anymore (on baited breath and all that clichéd stuff), I will just get right to the point.

- Rob will continue to work in the Philly area full time and put in about 10 hours a week at the church, mostly doing consultant, quality control type stuff, till they can hire him full-time.

- The school offered me a full time non-certified teaching position. Now the kids will go tuition-free, and I get to teach computer to K-8th grades. The take home is a bit wanting, but when you add in the tuition, it’s actually a nice package.

- We were able to submit a contract on the house we wanted after all – and they accepted it! We already had the termite inspection today and all is well. The home inspection is on Monday. Closing is set for the 31st, so we are hoppin’ now!

Isn’t it funny? That raise and promotion? In hind sight, not such a weird, off-the-wall, distraction-type-o-thing. Now it seems to be a perfect part of a much bigger plan than I imagined.

And I get to teach again, which I love. Isn’t that wild?

Rob will have the long commute, but since we are hoping that this won’t last more than a year and taxes are much lower, we decided to go ahead with a DE home.

Still awaiting the appraisal in VA. I am taking the “no news is good news” approach.

And we did have a slight snafu with the mortgage company since rates just went up, but it looks like we’ll be able to lock in at the max rate we asked for.

So, the moving truck comes on the 18th. We close on the VA home on the 23rd. School starts the next day, though we will be “homeless” and I am not sure how that will all work. Then we should close on the new house a week later, on the 31st.

Oh, and did I mention that they are trying to send Rob to Albuqurque and Hawaii within the next two weeks?

There was a ride at the boardwalk in Oce@n City and at other such amusement parks. The Himalaya, or something like that. Blaring music while you went around and around, first forward then backward. And then the announcer would start to slow it down and say, “Do you want ONE MORE RIDE?...I CAN'T HEAR YOU!” and everyone would scream and cheer in affirmation...

I feel sort of like that child with the white knuckles and slightly greenish tint, who is nonetheless smiling and nodding yes with everyone else.

Hang on tight kids; we’re goin’ around again.

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