Saturday, Aug. 06, 2005 || Is it Monday yet?

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Now we are supposed to know something on Monday. The appraisal and termite/moisture inspection for the house here is on Monday too.

So, now the plan is to head up to PA with Rob after that so that I can do some more househunting on Wednesday. Kay is going to stay here with a school buddy. The boys are going to my parents', though we are still trying to work out some arrangements with that so that they don't have to be alone at their house each day.

Tuesday's covered, just gotta work out Wednesday through Friday.

Somehow we have to pack our household, find a house, put a contract on it, and move several states away in less than three weeks. Oh, and register the kids for school, find me a part time job, stop and start utilities, forward our know, not too much.

We might be able to extend it out a bit longer if we can postpone closing here by a week (which Rob is going to try to do on Monday).

Is it Monday yet?

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