Monday, Aug. 08, 2005 || Here's to hoping

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A lot accomplished so far today:

- Appraiser has come and gone, and says she will likely be sending the report to the lender tomorrow. Still praying for full price, though I am nervous...

- Took lots of stuff to Salvation Army.

- Mailed some jeans we sold on ebay and started the forwarding process for Rob's PO Box.

- Got my nails done. I am not sure how much longer I will get to keep this up, so I am enjoying it now. I did a french manicure this time, but I think I like colors better.

- Most of the packing is done so we can leave later this afternoon to head up north.

Still no word from DE...gosh, do you think they realize our life is on hold till they give us an answer?

And for the record, I am as tired of these run-down type entries as you all must be, but that's all I've got as of late. Here's to hoping for some inspiration (preferably in the way of something funny or poignant, not crisis-making!).

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