Wednesday, Aug. 25, 2004 || Metabolism, you used to be my friend!

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I came back from our last trip feeling fat. I have been trying to ignore the fact that some of my capris and shorts have gotten snugger. And then, the moment of truth: the ole scale confirmed my fears on Sunday morning by revealing that I was a good 17 lbs over my pre-move weight.


A huge change of gears is definitely in order. I didn't actually start picking up weight again until May or so, even though I had pretty much stopped exercising in December. I think my metabolism carried me for a while, allowing me to continue eating mostly whatever I wanted even though I wasn't working out.

Well, my time is up!

For the past three days I have run every morning. I can only go 1.5 miles, but I walk too as the cool-down, so I have gone 8 miles in three days.

While I am not yet logging what I eat, I am being much more conscious of what I put in my mouth and portion size. I have also cut out a lot of "white" carbs. Runners do need carbs, but I think I can do away with the processed ones.

Already I have seen a 3 lb drop. I know that is "water" weight, but it does make me feel somewhat better!

I am also making sure I am back to drinking at least 2 quarts of water, and I have cut back on the caffeine. When I dieted before, I only allowed myself one caffeneited diet soda a week. I had gotten to where I was drinking at least one a day, plus my two cups of coffee in the morning. I started having these weird heart palpatations that I am thinking were due to caffeine - well, either that or the aspartame, but I am drinking Crystal Lite, and I am not having them anymore. I haven't had a caffeneited diet soda since Thursday or Friday of last week.

So my guess is that I was overloading on caffeine.

I'd like to get back to pre-move weight, BUT as long as my clothes fit well again and I can tone up the back end of me, I will be happy.

I'd also like to enjoy a "splurge" every now and then without feeling like the food in my stomach has immediately added 5 lbs!

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