Tuesday, Aug. 24, 2004 || Further blonding is probably unnecessary. Really.

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Rob is off to training at the corporate office for a few days. We have all had a nice respite being able to travel with him the past two trips. He and I even got a night to ourselves Friday; gotta love grandparents!

The past two days have been filled with making appointments and paying bills and catching up on some chores. School starts in 2 weeks, and I am looking forward to a few hours a day to myself. Perhaps that will finally be the motivation I need to start back up on the various home improvement projects yet left undone.

I pulled a really blonde move the other day. While in MD, I saw a 20-year class reunion sign near the Catholic grade school I attended.

Yup, it's been 20 years since 8th grade. Hard to believe that, let alone that I have a child entering 7th grade this year.


So, I excitedly jotted down the date and phone number and made the call last night. As I talked to the organizer's wife (and wondered how I would ever talk Rob into spending $90 to attend a crab feast with me, since he abhors crabs), I scribbled notes furiously.

"And make the check payable to AHS reunion."

I paused, the wheels turning. The schools initials are SPS.


"Yes, for And0ver High School."

Somehow I managed to think my grade school was having a reunion when in actuality it is the 1984 High School reunion.

I sheepishly admitted to misreading the sign and quickly got off the phone.

At least I never told her my name.

Perhaps I shouldn't get those blonder highlights put in on Friday after all.

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