Monday, Oct. 14, 2002 || Long overdue: Vacation Chronicles VII: At the in-laws

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Would you believe I have finally decided to try to finish our vacation tales? Maybe I can at least get through our time with Rob’s mom and step-dad this week. Nothing else is really going on around here anyway, save Nathan’s pussy-sore-throat-bout with strep. And I am just so certain you are dying to hear about that!

So, where was I? We arrived at Donna’s and Greg’s Wednesday evening, July 31st. The kids were beside themselves with glee. Rob staked out a spot behind a bush, camcorder in hand, as the three bound their way up to the door to be greeted by hugs and squeals and kisses from “Mee-Mee”.

After unloading the van (it felt like our stuff multiplied!), we loaded our hineys back into the van to get some dinner. Greg suggested McDonald’s (for the kids, you know) to which we politely declined, and to which Donna later grumbled, “He’s so cheap!” We ended up at a restaurant called Mimi’s, which was quite good and plenty filling, as I recall. I had some kind of sausage soup, a Cajun-y kind of thing that was excellent.

The very next day, Rob, Kaytlin, Nathan, and I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain while Parker spent the day with Mee-Mee. What a blast that place is; I think Rob and I got on 7 roller coasters, and the kids got on 8. The one we wanted to ride the most, The X, was, of course, closed that day. Lamarre’s law in effect again! We were able to ride the Déjà Vu, which was featured (along with the X) on a extreme coaster program we saw earlier in the year, as well as The Viper (personally not my favorite even if it is the fastest looping coaster in the states) and Goliath (which I LOVED).

Friday was a “veg” day. It didn’t come too soon for any of us either! It was nice to just relax and hang out, no obligations or plans until later that evening when we went to a minor league baseball game.

The team, the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes were a vacuum (they sucked), but the firework show at the end was incredible. That, and the churro Rob bought me, made the long, drawn-out time spent in hard stadium seats in the chilly southern CA air worth it.

Greg works for MetroLink and he made plans for all of us to ride the train on Saturday. Rob and I decided to only go along for part of the ride, then catch another train back so we could spend the afternoon and early evening together while the kids had grandparent time in LA.

Since Greg is an official of the rail line, we all sat up front by the conductor. The kids were even allowed to blow the whistle. I have to admit that the view from the front of the train is very cool.

Parker wasn’t too impressed with it all at first, but after a bit, he warmed up and joined Kaytlin and Nathan at the controls.

After returning to Rancho Cucamonga, Rob and I had lunch at Dave and Busters at the Ontario Mills Mall and then drove out to Saddleback Church near Anaheim. This church has 5 services, two of which are on Saturday evening. I am not sure how many attend each weekend, but there were well over a thousand at the service we attended. Afterwards we went up to their Terrace Café. They broadcast the service there too, so we watched the first part of the second service while enjoying something to drink (me-coffee, Rob-soda).

On the way home, we stop at an Internet café and got an e-mail fix. Rob was almost giddy with its discovery on one of the main drags in his mom’s town.

Sunday we joined Rob’s mom at her church, where she proudly displayed her pastor-son. We had met some of the folks at the ball game Friday night, so we didn’t feel like total newbies. Greg even went, which was a total shock, as he is generally an Easter/Christmas attender. He blazed rather quickly afterwards, mind you, while the rest of us went to The Rain Forest Café.

The atmosphere is really neat and we knew it would probably be a pricey deal. To say that the prices shocked me would be an understatement.

Do you think Donna was as shocked as we were!?

Rob and I decided to split a chicken Caesar salad and an appetizer. The portions were HUGE! And Donna’s pastor picked up the tab, much to our surprise.

So, there you have it. Nothing really spectacular, awe-inspiring, or comedic. Just a nice couple of days with family. Each day I walked, usually alone, enjoying the cool California mornings and trying not to step on snails (there were bunches of them all over the sidewalks each day). Save the high cost of living and traffic, I could really get used to living in a place like that.

Monday was Disneyland day, and to that I’ll need a separate entry, at least. Especially when I tell you about the Tea Cups!

How’s that for a teaser!?

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