Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2003 || Image reflected

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“Imagine for a moment what it would be like to live as a young child in a house where the only mirror – a large piece of reflective glass prominently displayed in the hallway downstairs – offered a wavy, image-altering reflection of your face and form, much like a mirror in an amusement park. Given this experience, you would naturally develop a distorted opinion of yourself until you viewed your reflected image in a flawless mirror; even then, it might be surprisingly difficult to believe that the looking glass you grew up with was not a reflection of your actual appearance.

“All of us, to a greater or lesser degree, share this experience. It is only when we see ourselves with new eyes – in the light of biblical truth, according to God’s perfect love for us – that we begin to clearly identify the false reflections of ourselves that we grew up believing.”

Debra Evans, Kindred Hearts.

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