Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2003 || Cinnamon pretzels, Leo, and lots of trash

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I am updating tonight simply because it has been several days since my last entry. I really donít have anything to talk about. Life has basically been the normal, every day, I-am-a-wife-and-mom stuff.

One thing I have realized over the past few days is that when I experience a spiritual victory of sorts, I end up feeling out-of-sorts a few days later. Nothing I can really put my finger on. I just feel stressed and a little off-kilter.

It probably has had something to do with the terrible headache I have had on and off all day. Granted, it probably didnít help that my diet up until almost 2 PM had consisted of two cups of coffee, a piece of cheese Danish (gotta love samples) and a cinnamon-sugar pretzel from Costco. I am usually much better at feeding myself than that. Ah, well, everyone has their days, right?

I even took a nap this afternoon, and I really think I could have slept all the way through until tomorrow morning. That is, if I hadnít been having weird dreams about escaping pets, our former pastorís wife, and Leonardo DiCaprio. I have no clue what that was all about!

Perhaps I should lay off the cinnamon pretzels first thing in the morning.

Today, P brought in mondo bags full of clothes from his momís. Parker was helping him carry them down to his room. He said, ďThis is a lot of trash!Ē P tried to explain that the bags were full of clothes, but it just didnít compute in Parkerís paradigm of trash bag usage.

He just continued uttering, almost in awe, ďThis sure is a lot of trash!Ē

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