Thursday, Sept. 26, 2002 || The ongoing home improvement saga

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So, I finally try my hand at a witty entry, and alas, is down, so if anyone even thinks of responding, they cannot.

Such is life!

You can always leave me a note, if you are so inclined.

How’s that for subtlety.

And as I am sure you are all waiting with bated breath for photos of our ongoing home improvement project, I finally downloaded, minimized, and uploaded some to my server for your visual enjoyment. Some of the sharpness was lost in the shrinkage; I wanted them to fit, for the most part, in my text window without the need to scroll over or up and down.

So, without further ado, Nicole’s paint extravaganza, the continuing saga.

Project 1 – Kaytlin’s room

When Kaytlin told me last year she wanted a mint green room with purple sponge paint, I was a bit apprehensive. She saw something in her mind’s eye that I didn’t until the completed project!

What started out as a paint project became a total re-do, complete with new bookshelf, chest of drawers, carpet, closet insert, and light fixture.

Project 2 – The Kitchen

The previous owner offered us this home with a freshly painted and wallpapered kitchen in a floral country blue and mauve design. Too bad all my kitchen stuff was red, white, and black with a Coca Cola theme! Only 3 short years and many hours of Trading Spaces later, and save some touch-up paint, trim work, and décor for the wall, our kitchen has a new, color-coordinated look.

On the shelf sits Rob’s collection of Coke cans and bottles from around the world

Within the next year or two we hope to replace or reface the cabinets and put in a new floor.

Project 3 – Master Bath – In Progress!

This too started out as a paint-only endeavor. Rob has assured me that it will be so much easier to paint with the toilet, sink, and medicine cabinet out of the way! So, we’ve tore out everything but the shower, replaced the floor with new vinyl, and kilzed the walls. I am planning to do the first round of paint tonight.

How funny! I just noticed my scale in the picture!

Well, there you have it, folks. I am pretty happy with the outcomes so far. I can’t wait to have my bathroom back; I just have to get off my tushy and get the painting done so that Rob can put in the new fixtures.

Let me know what you think!

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