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Two entries today - aren't you lucky? If you missed the first, check it out.

Exerpt from the October 2002 Redbook (and, no, I am not making this up):

The love that will make you happier - Surprise: It's coming into contact with your husband's semen. Researchers have long known that semen contains potent sex hormones and chemicals including a healthy dose of naturally occurring feel-good opiates. There's plenty of evidence, too, that these substances are absorbed into the bloodstream through the vagina. And a recent State University of New York at Albany study found that women who had sex without condoms were significantly less depressed than those who used condoms.

"Both groups of women were sexually active, which rules out the possibility that sexual intercourse itself prevents depression, and points to something in the semen," notes lead researcher and professor of psychology Gordon G. Gallup Jr. So consider letting your man's penis deliver more than pleasure: Get a boost every time you make love by ditching the condom for another form of contraception.

Ok, a few questions.

1. How many think the majority, if not all, of the researchers in this study were of the masculine variety?

2. What woman really likes sex with condoms anyway? Knowing you have to put one of those latex lovelies on your man's nether region could be cause for depression in and of itself!

3. How did they round up the study participants? Did they contact them over the phone? "Yes, uh, hello 'mam, would you care to participate in a semen study. We think it will make you happier!"

I can hear husbands across America now... "Oh, come on, honey, I know you are feeling down, but I am feeling up. I've got just the shot to hit your target!"

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