Tuesday, May. 16, 2006 || Baby will always have back

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So the 14-year-old remarked yesterday while I was doing a silly dance in the living room to make her laugh:

"Your butt's not jiggling as much anymore."

I guess some may have been at least slightly offended by that offhanded remark, but I took it is stride realizing that it means that the past 4.5 weeks of near starvation, burning shins, and endless squats is starting to pay off.

As of this morning, I am down into a new second digit weight class (in other words, the ten's digit dropped one, finally). I haven't seen that particular digit in almost a year, so this is good, folks.

I've lost 9.5 lbs now and I am down almost 7 inches. Yesterday's 2-mile run didn't leave me feeling as tired or winded, though I still plan to stick with that distance for another week or two before trying to increase it by another lap (which is .4 mile in my neighborhood).

So, it's four and a half pounds to goal. I am not sure that my goal weight will have my bottom looking like I really want it to. But, I also know that any less than that will likely make me look like a refugee with jutting cheekbones and toothpick arms, and at almost 36, the waif look just isn't an attractive one anymore.

I may just have to get used to the fact that baby will always have back, just not as much as she did 4.5 weeks ago.

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