Friday, May. 19, 2006 || Friday fitness update

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I am very pleased with how things have gone this week fitness-wise. Here are the stats:

Since Tuesday, 5/16:

- Down 1.5 lbs (139.5 to 138)
- Lost .75 inches (1/4 inch in all areas but one)
- Walked/ran 15.45 miles Mon-Thurs. Will try to walk today; if not, will still do toning and weight exercises and maybe jump some rope.

Overall (5 weeks):

Down 11 lbs
Down 8 inches total
Walked/ran 81.75 miles

Three out of four pairs of capris fit and I can almost get into a cute tan skirt I haven’t been able to wear since the summer of ’04.

Challenges for this weekend:

1. Going to dinner at a co-worker’s of Rob’s; no idea what they will be serving! I know that she is overweight (has MS and is in a wheelchair – may actually have to do with her meds), so the “I’m dieting” excuse may not go over real well on the first meeting. I don't want to offend them, but I also need to keep my momentum going since I only have 3 lbs to goal.

2. Possibly cooking out with friends on Sunday after church.

3. Pie auction at church – and I get to make TWO cheesecakes (but I won’t buy them back, that’s for sure!)

I surpassed my 140 goal, which means I get to break open the bottle of red I've been saving any time I choose. Yum, yum...

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