Saturday, Jul. 09, 2005 || Could this really be...

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Okay, so I will admit it.

I really want the DE thing to go through. Moving is a hassle, yes, but this is what my heart is yearning for. For Rob, for us.

I haven't heard him speak so enthusiastically about something in several months. It's refreshing.

We're plotting and dreaming together again. And even though financially I've no idea how it would work, instead of a niggling fear, I find my wheels turning with anticipation of figuring out how we can make it work.

There is a level to which I am afraid, however. Afraid that this is all too good to be true and it will be just another disappointment. And while I've been through such before, and I know I'll get over it, that we'll pull through, I want it to be different this time around.

Could this really be what we've been waiting for?

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