Friday, Jul. 08, 2005 || What's another week, eh?

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What's another week, eh?

That's how long we will wait before Rob talks again with the senior pastor of a church that is considering him for an executive pastor position.

On Wednesday evening, he met with him and they talked for several hours about what the church needs, what our family (not just Rob, which is kind of cool) brings to the table, and even compensation packages (which I am trying not to assume is a good sign, because assumptions have a way of coming back and biting one in the front part of that very word). Based on Rob's description, this sounds tailor-made for him. We met the pastor and his wife a few years back at a conference and have always thought they would be really cool to work for/with.

And so now we wait and pray. We've become quite adept at that little mantra.

What's another week when you have been waiting and praying and searching for about a year already, right?

As I type this, Rob is supposed to be on a conference call with another church in the western half of VA. Phase 4 of a long process; I think they've narrowed it down to a handful of candidates now, and he is one of them.

I don't find myself as excited at the possibility of this one. For some reason, I just can't wrap my mind and heart around it.

And then there is always moving on up to PA anyway should neither of these be the right step for us. That is why I spent a good part of yesterday kilzing our bathroom and fighting with miniblinds in the kitchen.

Because no matter what, it looks like a move is in our future and this house will be up on the market in a week or two.

Will someone wake me up on the flip side of fall?

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