Monday, Dec. 29, 2003 || Yes, I am alive

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I have been avoiding writing an entry only because I didn't want to have this in the history on my parent's computer.

Not this particular entry, mind you. My journal, period. Not that my parents could figure out how to look it up, but I will be going into the history and deleting the links to this bad boy.

Anyway, we are in MD. We arrived at about 4 AM on Sunday the 21st. I didn't get online again until Friday.

That may just be a record for me!

I have to say that I didn't really miss it. It has been a nice break.

Rob went to work in VA for two days before Christmas only to be laid off till January 5th. Blech. It is nice to have him here, but you know, it sucks to only get 2 days of work in 3 weeks time. At least I get to go down to VA to see the house tomorrow with Rob and his folks.

It would take all morning to try to relay everything else from a week and a half, so I will just share some cute quotes and antedotes from the boys.

* Christmas Eve. Nathan comes upstairs and asks Rob and I why he has to go to Aunt Janie's. "We have to finish up some Christmas shopping," I replied.

"Did you know that 61% of Americans do their Christmas shopping at the last minute?" Nathan paused, then continued: "You would be one of them."


* Christmas Eve, almost bedtime. Dad sneaks out front. Parker is standing by the chair in the living room. "Ho-ho-ho" comes from the front porch (Dad has always loved this little trick).

Parker's eyes grow to the size of saucers, he sprints to the stairs, virtually leaps 2/3rds up, and yells, "NATHAN! GET IN BED! SANTA'S COMING!"

To which Nathan yells, "Santa's not coming... (dirty look from Mom) YET!! What? I said YET!!!" (raised eyebrow look from Nathan to Mom).

* Day after Christmas. Driving along R Hwy deciding where to go for a late lunch. I rattle off the names of various local restaurants for Rob's consideration. "There's a good Chinese Buffet by the Gi@ant we went to the other day."

Parker, in R@inman style: "Mmmmm. Chinese. Rice. Daddy farts."

* Parker watching "All in the F@mily" for the first time makes this observation about Edith: "Man, she must be stupid."

Yeah, there isn't a lot that gets past this kid!

Oh, and I can't fail to mention that THE RAVENS ARE NFC NORTH CHAMPS! Woohoo, it has been way cool to be in MD to watch the past two games. Oh, and Pam, Janie suggested we head out to your folks' place for the game, so I am anxious to hear what antics the gang was up to last night!

I promised my grandmother I would take her to the grocery store and sitting here in my new jammies (which match Kay, Janie, and my mom's - is that sacchrine sweet, or what?) is not getting me there, now is it?

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