Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2003 || Silent treatments, pealing brick, and the simple life

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I saw our new home yesterday (well, new to us). Rob and I drove down to VA with his dad and stepmom to look at it and get measurements for all the projects he and his dad are concocting.

His dad is semi-retired due to a work injury and bored as all get out, so this is a perfect diversion for him. And we get to reap the benefits of having a really awesome construction/remodeling guru working on our house.

The day started with a nice little fight between Rob and me culminating in the silent treatment between the two of us as we arrived at the parenthood's, only to find them giving each other the silent treatment as well.

Genetics are a very scary thing sometimes, as Rob didn't even meet this guy till he was 17 and their personality similarities are wild.

So, Rochelle and I talked most of the way while the men gabbed in front. My first view of the house consisted of trying to figure out why the brick was pealed back in some places (turns out to be some kind of ornamental design).

Okay, so the blonde is natural. What can I say?

The house is nice. It is move-in-able, save painting and probably some carpet cleaning (one of the owners is a heavy smoker and though I grew up with two smoking parents, pregnancy made me a bit sensitive to it).

The tub isn't as pink as I thought, nor is the wallpaper in the bathroom pink. I don't mind pink, per say, but even with having three bathrooms in MO, I do not own anything pink for a bathroom! My idea of pink flamingoes didn't go over so well with Rob, so I suppose we will be changing that as soon as we are able (I am not real keen on tile either and want to put in one of those fiberglass inserts).

The bedrooms are small. That would probably be my only real complaint. The living room and family room are very nice and I love the open floor plan of the living room, dining room, and kitchen. There is also a lovely sliding glass door off of the dining room and the back yard is a nice size and flat (perfect for a pool or trampeline, but don't tell my kiddos I said that!).

We are going to have to add cabinets to the kitchen and I want a flat-top stove. Rob would actually like to take the existing cabinets out and move them to the utility room and put all new ones in. Sounds great but pricey. At least he and his dad can do all the work. I found some at H0me Dep0t online last night that I really like, but of course, they don't tell you the cost.

So, our first project will be painting, followed by (probably) the kitchen and then bathroom.

We had a nice lunch at Red Lobster (even nicer since Rob's dad treated!) and then drove back to MD, taking pizza over to Rob's sister's (she had our kiddos). We watched two episodes of The S1mple L1fe, and as ridiculous as the premise is, it really cracked me up.

Doesn't take much to amuse me, eh?

When we got back to my folks, I felt like I had been gone for several days rather than just 14 hours. It was nice to finally see the place, that's for sure.

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If you haven't already, scoot over to Pam's and give her some love; it has been a tough couple of days for her. Love you, Pam!

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