Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2002 || What is it with guys & shoot-em-up video games?

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Yup. I've got one too. A guy who is addicted (OK, that might be a little harsh), ah hem, very attached to a video game where the objective is how many can one shoot in a predetermined time frame such as, say, 10 minutes?

What is it with guys and this type of video game? I just don't get it. Perhaps not enough Zena, Warrior Princess in me. I know there are women out there who play this game. There is even a little community that my DH is a member of: they chat, they leave messages to one another, they taunt each other as they knife one another or blow each other to smithereens. So, why can't I just suck it up and try to understand, even get involved in this extracurricular activity. You know, in the name of quality time with the spouse?

Yeah, I know. This is one gal who couldn't even watch Tom Hanks yank his own tooth out...and I am going to learn how to launch a grenade up someone's....ah hem...I mean, blow someone up?

Yeah, I know.

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