Monday, Jan. 14, 2002 || The greatest sporting goods store in the universe

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The greatest sporting goods store in the universe....or is it merely the world? What am I talking about? Bass Pro Shops, of course.

Yup, we did the touristy thing while we were in Springfield. We went there, and would you believe we actually enjoyed it?!

Of course, we NEVER would have admitted to that when we lived in Springfield. Oh, no. We would drag ourselves there when friends and family came to town, you know, because you had to. It was the least you could do for the poor souls. "You went to Springfield and you didn't go to Bass Pro?" How often does one get to visit the largest, most ostentatious, sporting good store in this galaxy??

Three words for the place: Red Neck Heaven.

So, it was with some hesitation that I went there. But you know, the kids. Yeah, that's it, the kids wanted to go there. And what would any good parents do?

Before I knew it, I realized I kind of liked the place. What happened? How could it be? All those cowboy hats and belt buckle/dinner plates. Blue grass music. Firearms.

Maybe I am just coming down with a virus or something... I better get to bed, QUICK!

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