Monday, Dec. 10, 2001 || Overwhelmed and Underpaid

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Isn't that the way one would describe any SAHM????

I am SOOOOO behind in everything! And here I sit posting another boring entry to this weird world of diaryland. I need psychiatric help!

I have something planned for every night this week. And amid all of that I have tons of laundry to do, Christmas shopping to complete, videos to make for grandparents (some of which don't care to invest any time in our family, so why am I bothering....oh yeah, they are my dh's family, so I guess I have to...), 2+ months of receipts to record into Excel, the regular church stuff, as well as all the chores that come with the territory of being a mom and the Peanuts cartoon would say.....ACKKKKKKKK!

OK, enough whining, I got my Christmas gift from the MIL today - The Mitford Lord's Chapel (winter version). It is gorgeous, and much larger than I thought it would be. I love it. She hit a homerun with this one!

OK, time to get off my tush and get the house straightening done before our house is overrun with Monday Night Football fans. Oh, and I just remembered, I need to go out and get some chips. The never-ending list continues to grow!

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