Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2001 || Time Just Keeps Tickin'...

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It is Wednesday the 12th already - 12 more shopping days to go, and am I done? YEAH, WHATEVER!!!!!

Actually, Rob and I are going to go tomorrow and try to finish up the boys. Kaytlin's gifts are all purchased - she is always the easiest to shop for. She and I are going to go Christmas shopping for Rob tomorrow evening. I am actually looking forward to it! I picked up a few small things for Rob tonight. I felt bad that he wouldn't have anything under the tree since he picked out his gift from me and it is already displayed proudly in his office.

OK, I really SO do not have anything interesting to say! I have a terrible headache, and I think the vanilla caramel mocha cappucino I made myself just made it worse. And I even half-n-halfed it with the caf and decaf. So much for a relaxing, soothing, enjoyable evening drink! Whiskey probably would have done better - LOL!! Just kidding...really!!

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