Thursday, Nov. 14, 2002 || Our Backyard a.ka. Wild Kingdom

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We have lived in this house just over three years now. We live on an extremely busy 2-lane street that they plan to expand to three in the next two years. We are surrounded by various subdivisions and less than 2 minutes drive from a flourishing strip mall and several restaurants and gas stations.

Despite being smack-dab in the middle of suburbia, to the left of our home is a small wooded area surrounding a creek bed. Directly behind our house is an open field owned by our subdivision. And directly in front of our house is another open lot with trees bordering 2 sides.

Hence we have viewed a variety of wildlife in and around our backyard. Rabbits, tons of birds, 'possums, a very large ground hog, a racoon, and of course squirrels, (and rather tenacious ones at that).

After today, I think I have seen about everything I could have possibly thought might reside in and around that creek. I was talking on the phone with a friend, when something coming across the field at a trot caught my eye.

"Oh my goodness! What is that!" I blurted. A canine-type creature was sauntering toward our fence. My first thought was: coyote. Then I thought better of that. What in the world would a coyote be doing sitting next to my backyard, sniffing the air and sunning himself?

Second thought: fox. But he seemed a bit large for a fox and too brown. Of course, I am such a city girl, I just wasn't quite sure. The wildest thing I ever saw in our neighborhood growing up was my friend, Valerie.

I had Rob come and assess the situation. "Looks like a coyote or a wolf to me." Great. "Call animal control," he replied and went back to work in his office.

Animal Control directed me to the Conservation Department (you learn something new everyday - animal control doesn't handle wild animals...shouldn't it be called "not-all-animals control"?). When I got through to the Conservation Department, I was informed that coyotes are indigenous to the area and unless it displayed abnormal behavior, not to worry about it.

A question: what would constitute abnormal coyote behavior?

I guess if it starts knocking on the back door with the squirrel, I should make some calls.

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