Saturday, Apr. 19, 2003 || An ounce of prevention costs a ton!

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Well, I have my very first pair of real, live running shoes. Adidas Supernova Control.

I love them.

I have never spent so much on one pair of shoes, not to mention the two pairs of Omnimax Ironman socks I bought. But I know they are so worth it. I have to have good gear if I am going to train and avoid injury.

Today I get to run for 25 minutes. Slow and steady, slow and steady... That has to be my new motto. In this distance thing, it is all about endurance, not speed, at least at this point.

Speed can come later, once I know I can finish a 10K without dying!

So now you all will be subjected to running entries. Big thrills, I know.

I am just really, really pumped by all of this. Word also has it that if I take a weight training class when I start college in the fall, I will get free weight room use for the rest of my enrollment.

Can you say, YAY, boys and girls?

Running. Weight lifting. New socks.

Oh, the things that give me a thrill these days!

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