Thursday, May. 05, 2005 || "You can still do the job!" Gee, thanks...

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I am giving my first tests tomorrow. Really riveting stuff. The eye and ear for the 7th graders and safety for the 6th graders.

Yeah, I know, don't you wish YOU had me for Health classes?

And I didn't write a single detention or referral today.

I do believe that is a record.

Doesn't mean there weren't some issues. But there seems to be something about writing names on the board that quiets most of those little darlings down.

I had one eighth grader today, Bryan, run an under-6-minute mile for fitness testing (this kid is usually a sprinter, so that is a great time for him), then come back in, sweat still glistening on his face, and ask if he could do the flex arm hang.

Makes me tired just typing that.

He's one of the kids that makes me still want to do this teaching thing.

Any teacher could use a few more Bryan's in a school day.

Oh, yeah, that reminds me, the school tried to designate me as a long-term sub, because, well, I am.

Only the district HR nixed it because I haven't finished my degree, and I am not PE certified. But they graciously said I could continue to do the job.

(Insert snicker here.)

"We aren't going to pay you for it, but we'll give you the privilege of doing the job."

Yeah. Thanks.

If it wasn't for the other PE staff, I'd have said, "see-ya". But they are just about some of the greatest folks to work with, so I'll stick it out these remaining 6 weeks.

At least the gals are. The guys can be kind of slug-like at times, but that's another entry.

Something tells me I'll be singing in the praises of the start of summer with the rest of 'em.

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