Monday, Jan. 30, 2006 || What did she say?!

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She may be blonde-by-bottle, but my friend T rarely disappoints with a ditsy comment or two. This weekend was no exception.

First it began when she asked if we were going to rent Spangladesh.

"You know, the scary part is that I know exactly what you mean," I laughed. Of course, I couldn't resist ribbing her about her faux pas for the rest of the weekend.

Later that night, we of the over-18 contingency decided to do a little shopping, so we drove out to the shopping center with Tar-get. It is housed in a rather large town center with a variety of popular chain stores such as World Market, Old Navy, and Lowes.

As we drove around to the Tar-get side, T quipped:

"Wow! That's the biggest Dicks I've ever seen."


It was but a moment before that was broken with raucuous laughter.

I told her to tell all her friends about the big Dicks she saw up north.

Yeah, believe it or not, I can be all 13-year-old-boy-mature like that sometimes.

(Dicks is a sporting goods store.)

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