Monday, Aug. 01, 2005 || Monday Soul-baring

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On a email list I am on, we have been talking about weird food combinations that we like. This has morphed into just plain weird foods - or foods that some may find weird but we like. Often these are regional specialties, along the lines of boiled okra or chittlins.

Marylanders are known for some crazy combinations/tastes. I mean, c'mon, the state braggin' food is a bottom feeder. But pick one of those suckers apart, toss in some mayo, Old Bay and other seasoning goodies, pat it into a patty, and broil that baby, and I am SO there - crab cakes are HEA-VEN-LY in my humble yet accurate opinion.

But there is a regional delicacy that I love that I fear is more of a confession than proclamation.


Oh, yes. I. Like. Scrapple. If I had to choose just one breakfast-y type meat, that would be it.

I read this online today: "My wife and I have a theory that the only way you can eat SCRAPPLE is to have done so as an unsuspecting child so that you acquire a taste for it before you truly understand it's components. Otherwise you'd just throw up."

And perhaps they are right. I don't remember finding out what was in it until I was a teen or adult. And by then, well...did I mention that I really like the stuff?

Okay, that's enough soul-baring for a Monday, I think.

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