Thursday, Sept. 18, 2003 || Caught in a riptide

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My lack of time, creativity, and want-to are keeping me from this place. This is driving me crazy! I have this irrational hang-up that if I don’t write here, and write well thought-out, funny, touching, interesting stuff, folks will drop me from their buddy lists.

Pitiful, I know. I have always had this need for people to like me, to be accepted, yada, yada, yada.

I have so got to get over that.

A good part of it has to do with my “love language”, which is “words of affirmation”. And since I am a writer by nature, when I write, I look for feedback. This place has given me that in an incredible way.

And wouldn’t you know it, now I have writer’s block. Blech.

Rob is in Ohio helping a church get their network set-up. It has been a challenge to talk to him on the phone because he has a bit of laryngitis. Just enough to make his words sound like: “.i, .ow .r. y..” Makes for talking to him on my cell phone while driving down Main Street, traffic whizzing by, a bit of a challenge, to say the least.

Perhaps his absence is attributing to my overall can’t-get-it-together-ness. Which frustrates me because the man used to go out to sea for 4 months at a time and I was able to carry on and function quite swimmingly, I might add.

Which has always given me a bit of a “Oh, your husband is going to be away for a night and you are crying? What-ev-er.” attitude.

The liabilities of being an ex-Navy wife.

I mean, I miss him and all that, but it is two and a half days. C’mon, that ain’t bad at all.

So, why do I feel sort of like I am caught in a riptide?

Oh, I almost forgot. We have another new addition to our home. You all are gonna love this…

The picture is kind of blurry, but I think you can make it out. Yes, my darling husband allowed Nathan to purchase this with his birthday money.

Boy, and don’t you know I can’t wait till we get to feed it a pinkie (that would be a baby mouse) rather than the standard cricket fare it has been dining on thus far.

Um, yeah.

Nathan’s biggest concern in life is what to name the hairy little beast.

Oh, to be young again and have the worry of what to name my latest arachnid as priority number one.

Au revoir; I really need to work on my French.

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