Saturday, Apr. 27, 2002 || Loving and loathing

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It is the time of year that I both love and loathe. You see, while my baby sis, Janie, can be neurotic about her diary entries, I am thus concerning summer vacation planning.

It totally engulfs my life until I know that everything is planned, reservations are made, the route is staked, costs are estimated, list upon list is created... You get the picture.

We are planning to go away the end of July into mid-August. "Nicole, why in world are you making plans now, if it is 3 months away?"

So, glad you asked! This year we are planning a cross country trek to CA with a stop at the Grand Canyon. And around that seventh wonder of the world, lodging books up rather quickly, as you might imagine.

So, I have spent the last two evenings looking at routes, researching hotel prices, calculating gas mileage... And, I am dying to have it all in order, and I JUST CAN'T SPEND ANYMORE TIME ON IT RIGHT NOW because I have too much to do today.

And this, my friends, makes me crazy.

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