Friday, Nov. 01, 2002 || You want to do what?!

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My best friend and I have been having a discussion via e-mail that has gone like this:

T: So do you think you will be coming to MD next year?

N: I don't know. I am hoping to come out end of Jan/beginning of Feb as I have the past three years, but it will depend on money and Rob's PT job. Not sure what we will do for our summer vacation.

T: Well I promise not to be a party pooper this time and we will do more together!!

N: Yeah, I want to go to a karaoke place!

T: O boy!!!! Somehow I can not picture you in a bar!!!

N: Am I that stuffy? Just because one goes into a bar, doesn't mean they have to get rip-roaring drunk, now does it?

T: No not at all!! I don't always drink. To bring you out with my friends!!!! I dont know I think I would be scared!!!!!

N: They can't be all that bad. Just because I am married to a minister, doesn't mean I am not a normal person! Did I tell you that I want to get my belly button pierced?

T: Nicole!!!!!! What are you thinking!!!!! I do not think you should do it!!!

N: The belly button piercing or going out with you and your friends?

T: Your belly button!!!!

N: And, why not??? I think it would be cute in the summer when I am in a bathing suit.

T: No, don't do it!!!!

N: OK, so give me ONE good reason why I shouldn't.

T: I don't think that you will be happy that you did that when you are older.

N: Are you saying I am old??? LOL I just think it would be fun.

T: No! I am not saying you are old!

N: Hey, you only live once, you know?

T: I agree but think before you do it!

N: I have been thinking about it since this summer. I don't know if I will actually go through with it. But it just sounds kind of fun - like, how many pastors' wives do you know who have their belly button pierced?

T: What does Rob think?

N: I don't think he cares either way. He thinks it is kind of funny. He hasn't told me I could or couldn't, should or shouldn't!

T: Does he really believe you would do it?

N: I don't think it would surprise him. I think he thinks I could go either way with it.

T: Well you did once have short hair on one side and long on the other so you do have a wild side!!!

So, what do you all think? Should I go for it? Is it just a silly idea? Am I just "too old" to be considering such nonsense? Or would it just be a fun, quirky thing to do?

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The tally so far:

Yay - 6 (including the smarthy remark from my sister to get my tongue pierced as well.)
Nay - 2

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