Monday, Feb. 02, 2004 || She might have the most talked about boob in America, but I have a new stove, so there!

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I am baking a deep dish apple crumb pie in my new convection oven.

Diet? Am I really supposed to be on a diet?

Well, kind of. I picked up 10 lbs. during this move and the insuing duress. It wouldn't be too big a deal except that my favorite skirt is too tight right now. My favorite khaki skirt that goes oh-so-well with my calf-high boots. And I am certain it will be go-go-boot weather, not to mention, en-vogue, for only so long.

So, I have gone back to counting calories with my palm pilot, and it would seem I have dropped a pound in two days.

Of course, that would be before I snarf a piece of this pie as cooked to perfection (hopefully) in the pretty new black oven, which matches the black dishwasher, sitting pristinely among my archaic cabinets.

And, and, and I got a new coffeepot today too. Woo-hoo. It is black, so you know, it matches the stove and the dishwasher and oh-la-la, it has a timer thingy and pause thingy so impatient little 'ole me can grab that first cup of coffee before the pot is even done brewing.

Have it your way and have it now, by golly!

Man, I think that second cup of coffee at dinner did me in.

C-mon, you know this kitchen appliance talk is so much more interesting than boobs and pasties, right? Right!?

Humor me, m'kay?

(And remind me to lay off the caffeine after 7 PM.)

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