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I have been trying to think of something witty or profound to say over the past few days.

My mind comes up blank.

I think all the bleach cleanser I used to get the house ready for company has affected my head.

Yes, Tara and her family are here for their vacation/visit. They arrived at about 11 PM Friday night (much to my surprise; Steve must have one lead foot, as I didn't expect them until after midnight). We haven't done a whole lot but hang out together; weekends are so crazy for us. But that has been nice for me. It isn't often that we have family around.

On Saturday we had lunch at Texas Roadhouse, and then all the girls went grocery shopping. And yes, Janie, Tara is the reigning coupon queen. I think she cut the price of her purchase in half because of those clipped goodies (and I ended up saving over $8 with the extra ones she gave me)!

Sunday we had church, as always, and they attended with us. I think our music was a pleasant surprise for them, especially to Steve. Quite different from the first church (outside of Catholic) that Tara ever attended with me. We had a "Thanksgiving" potluck after the service, and I was happy to see that the chocolate raspberry cheesecake I made was eaten in it's entirity. It is a scruptious bit of creamy heaven in every 400+ calorie, 20 grams-of-fat slice (yee-ouch!). Oh, and I discovered a decadent dessert called Gooey Pumpkin Butter Cake that was to die for. Gotta get the recipe for that one.

We had a lazy afternoon, calling in pizza for dinner while Tara and I helped Nathan with his Native American project (Tara was a lifesaver when it came to outfitting the people - thanks, Tara!!). After the kiddos went to bed, the four of us played Trivial Pursuit, the Last 20 Years. The game started to drag at the end so we went for a tie breaker and still ended up tying! The answer of the night for any question that stumped us was, "John Grisham".

Today we drove out to the Gateway Arch. Rob, Parker, and I hung out in the visitor center while the W clan went up, up, up. Once in that tiny elevator to the top is enough for me. I think we should get frequent attender passes, however, for as many times as we go to that place each year with guests.

Tonight we have plans to rent a DVD and just veg a bit. Tara and gang plan to head out in the morning for Texas so that they can stop at the OKC memorial. We will leave after the kids get out of school at 3 PM. Which makes for a late night, but the kids sleep well in the van, so I always view it as talk time for Rob and I.

That is, if I can stay awake. Vehicles + Nicole (often) = sleep. I am quite certain a Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate from Brahm's would help me keep my energy level high, don't you?

Now, see, isn't that a boring, run-down-of-the-weekend type of entry?

Tara's kids are cuties. Dylan has an adorable, matter-of-fact way of answering in the affirmative:

"Is your name Dylan?"

"Sure," he replies.

Taylor loves to giggle and look at books. She is just the sweetest little angel-child.

And Miss Courtney is as precocious as ever, telling us that Parker was "annoying her butt off" last night at bedtime. She is a little doll, and very helpful and sweet too.

So, we head out for our holiday trip tomorrow, so if I don't update till next week, you know why!

It should be an interesting 2-3 days. Six adults, ten kids, and a turkey.

Pray for me!

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