Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2005 || Pancake boob

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So today I went for my first ever pancake-boob appointment. I didn't really have to have one since now they are saying you can wait till the big 4-0 unless there are other issues, but we met our deductible this year and so my new doc sent me for a baseline one.

It really wasn't as awful as I thought. Though one side hurt more than the other...why I have no clue.

As I was being delicately twisted and contorted into the graceful position that enables a snapshot of my mammilary inards, the technician said exactly what I'd expect when one is oh, so close to squashing that which nourished my three children in their first years of life:

"Your nails are SO cute!"

I guess I can be happy that was all she gave an assessment of, eh?

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