Friday, Jul. 19, 2002 || A letter to my daughter

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Dear Kaytlin,

I am not sure that I've ever told you this. This morning I was thinking of how thankful I am for you, and this came to mind.

Daddy and I planned and prayed to have a baby for a year before I became pregnant with you. When I finally was, Daddy, and almost everyone else, were convinced I was having a boy. And I thought I was too, but deep in my heart, in that place only God can see, I hoped for a baby girl. And I didn't tell anyone that.

On that precious February day when the doctor said, "It's a girl!", I said, "Really!?", and began to cry. God had answered a prayer I had never spoken and only hoped for in my heart. So you too are an answer to prayer - to my prayer, and an answer to my deepest hopes and dreams.

So, on those days when I am grumpy, when I snap at you, when I become frustrated with you, think on these things -

I love you, and you are the daughter of my hopes, dreams, and prayers. The child of my heart.

I love you,


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