Friday, Feb. 23, 2007 || Putting myself out there...

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Last week I submitted an article to Associated Content (thanks Six!). I'd written a slightly different version a few months before here. I've always wanted to be "published", so I took the plunge and submitted it. And they accepted it, and I even made a couple of bucks (literally) doing it.

I've submitted three more since then. Two are previous journal entries that I edited. The third I wrote today in response to a request for how-to articles. It is a tongue-in-cheek guide on weight loss.

I am enjoying this, but it is also a bit daunting to put myself out there like that. I don't know why I feel this way - keeping an online journal and allowing others to read your innermost thoughts is certainly putting oneself out there, right?

The fact is, I abhor rejection. I keep telling myself that it won't matter if they are accepted or not. And that is true. But it just means something when they are, you know?

Gah. I will know sometime next week. And regardless I plan to keep writing. Because if nothing else it is cathartic. It has helped me keep - and sometimes regain - my sanity over the past 5+ years.

(If you are interested, you can view the article that has been published here.)

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