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This is kind of interesting, in a getting to know you kind of way. You can copy and paste and fill in your own answers after the "...." Try not to over-think it; go with your first thought.

1. Secretly, I need have 20 or more boxes of cereal stashed and at the ready.

2. I fear......something happening to my precious children

3. I get angry when.....I am lied to

4. Getting more about commitment than love/emotions

5. I would eventually like to.....finish my degree in Psychology/Counseling

6. Many of my friends......have issues, like I do!

7. I wish I could forget ......harsh words easily

8. I feel like.....God is teaching me so much right now

9. People ......who are hurting, hurt people

10. I really hope......I can get back into gear with my running!

11. Going on dates.......blech - unless it counts with my hubby, I was thinking of dating when single, you know, the pressure, the fear, okay, I am rambling...

12. The thing that bothers me most about myself is......I am too hard on myself

13. It is hard for let go and let God

14. A true someone you can trust

15. Sometimes I wish.......I was a better listener (actually, I always wish that!)

16. My biggest honor my God in all I do

17. A decade from now......I want my kids to understand why I am tough at times

18. My a bit off balanced (whose isn't though, eh?)

19. In the evening....I enjoy watching a movie with my hubby

20. The three qualities I admire in a person are....authenticity, joie de vive, and empathy

21. It might surprise you......that I am fighting my addiction and I DON'T have 20 plus boxes of cereal stashed in my house!!

22. Even though it is silly......I still love Nerds candy

22. People often think.....I'm very self-confident and assured (I am not)

Your turn!

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