Thursday, Jun. 30, 2005 || Here's to working pipes and nicotine-free walls

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Okay, for those who have inquiring minds as to what on earth I could have been talking about in my last entry:

Rob had to have some outpatient surgery yesterday that involved a spinal block. Hence, numbness from the waist on down to his tippy-toes. As some of you may know by experience, you can't leave the hospital without the requisite pee-pee. I guess they need to know that all the pipes are working properly.

And so it would seem that the last little item to re-achieve feeling and functionality is the third all important part of the tripod. Hence the nurse's comment.

And so it was a first to hear another woman speak of my husband's tool in such a manner in my presence.

The next few days will mostly be spent playing nursemaid. They have him on some heavy-duty narcotics which are keeping him pretty happy so far. Last night I woke him up every 4 hours to dispense more. Today we will try extending it out to five hours.

Wish me luck! Heh.

We found out late Tuesday that his contract was sold out to another contracting company. What a royal pain. All new paperwork, a week's pay will be held back, now they want original receipts mailed each week...blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Oh, and my DH, high on methocodone, is supposed to get the all-important I-9 notarized by tomorrow.


Hopefully we will have some clarity and direction (i.e., a ministry opening or a permanent offer from the contracted company) in the next two weeks.

I'm also scheduled to attend a FSBO seminar in a week and a half. That means I really need to start going room by room and cleaning things out and finishing up any touch-up painting that we didn't hire out.

What a way to spend summer vacation.

Actually, I am kind of excited to look for a new home. One where nicotine in the pores of the walls is not an amenity.

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