Thursday, Dec. 11, 2003 || Hunk-a, hunk-a....ear wax?!

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Turns out Parker has an ear infection. It took the two nurse practitioners about 10 minutes to remove a honkin' piece of ear wax from his right ear. Poor guy probably hasn't been able to hear out of that ear for several days! And he never complained about his ear, not once since coming down with a fever or Monday night, or even as they filled it repeatedly with water to loosen that snazzy little blockage.

Nathan woke up complaining of a headache, so I brusquely told him, "I will take your temperature. If you don't have a fever, you can have some ibuprofen, but you are going to school."

101.2. Man did I feel like a bad mom.

Yeah, just call me Florence Nightengale.

It isn't all bad though. Rob found us a house today! He submitted a contract tonight, and the price is even a little below our maximum approved amount. It still blows my mind how much a house there is going to cost us.

But this whole journey is supposed to be about faith, right?

And so here we go, diving in with both feet.

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