Wednesday, Jul. 21, 2004 || It was like being welcomed home

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So, I am home again. Just me and the boys.

That meaning that the eldest "boy" is away on yet another trip (New Engl@nd this time). And Kaytlin is in CA for two weeks being spoiled rotten, no doubt, by Rob's mom and stepdad.

Case in point: they were going for manicures and pedicures today.

Actually, I think it is nice for her to get some time like this where she can be all girlie and silly and spoiled by grandma. I am not very good at that stuff myself; Donna, on the other hand, is a champ at it.

So, much fun for our little Kaytlin, to be sure. I hope we can get her head through the door when she returns.

We all (our famille and the MIL) headed up to MD on Monday to see Rob off that evening and then Kay and Donna off the next morning. The boys and I stayed the night again, leaving two hours later than I wanted to this morning, which, much to my chagrin, made the 4 hour drive 6.5 hours long (traffic, I abhor thee).

Tonight I went to my first community group meeting. Very cool. I found myself on the brink of overwhelming emotion as we prayed; there was an energy in the room the likes of which I find hard to put into words.

Comforting, energizing, humbling, exhilirating - all wrapped up together, with a touch of apprehension on my part, I must admit.

The leader kindly spoke as I left: "Tell Rob not to worry; we'll take care of you."

It was like being welcomed home.

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