Friday, Apr. 07, 2006 || Clothing rant

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You know what is ultra frustrating?

Trying on capris and jeans two and three sizes bigger than you wore to the freaking store and they don't fit.

What is the deal?!

I understand that a few years ago they supposedly changed the sizes in such a way that women would feel like they were wearing a smaller size and hence they would feel better and buy more (i.e., an 8 became a 6; you were still wearing an 8, but the tag said 6 - psychological bull****). But what in the world is going on now? I am trying on the brands I've always bought, and they aren't fitting.

Yet, I can still wear almost all of the same jeans and capris and skirts I already have at home. Now, granted, there are a few that are too tight, mostly from when I was a bit underweight. And yes, most that I do wear regularly are snugger than before. I know I have added some poundage to my frame over the past year.

But shouldn't I be able to get into clothes two sizes larger than what I can still wear of those I bought in the past two years??


I feel like a fat 'ole pig. Oink, oink.

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