Monday, Jul. 28, 2003 || Canada or bust, Part 2

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I am sure that I don’t have to tell you that I was pretty shook up over the whole pool incident. I don’t think I took my eyes off of Parker the whole night. I think I grabbed him up for a hug and kiss a dozen times. Thankfully, he isn’t so “grown-up” yet that kisses from Mom equal cooties.

Once the proverbial dust settled (and we found Rob's glasses), we went back to the trailer and cooked out. Nathan helped Rob’s dad with the grill; he was immediately hooked. There’s just something about men and fire (cue an “ar-ar-ar” here), and Nathan was no exception. Rob’s dad was very patient, and the kid didn’t do a half bad job.

Rob, the kids, and the parentage went for a ride in the golf cart after supper, and I went for a walk around the camp. I met up with them at the duck pond and then was subjected to several jaunts around the camp in the cart with each one of the kids at the wheel. Now that was interesting.

Rochelle made homemade ice cream sandwiches when we got back to their site and then we put the kids down. I puttered out by midnight (I was running on about 9 total hours of sleep over the past two days), but Rob stayed up to talk with his folks. I woke up around 4 or 5 AM and heard talking. Rob and his step-mom were still up and in the midst of a marathon gab-fest. They finally turned in about a half hour later.

I got up around 7:30 and went for a run in the rain. I made it about two and half miles before the lightening started, whereby I decided I valued life more than a firm fanny.

We gathered up our stuff and headed to a little diner/gas station and had a really yummy breakfast, took the standard “pictures-with-the-grandparents”, then headed down the road. I offered to drive, which Rob readily accepted. He was snoozing in less than 10 minutes. As a matter of fact, everyone was snoozing within a half an hour, so I was able to sing along with a favorite CD to my heart’s content.

Almost everyone was at my parents’ when we pulled up, some swimming, some just hanging out in the house. Of course, the kids couldn’t wait to get in the pool, and I was glad that I’d packed their suits in the overnight bag. I put on my suit too, to try to catch a few last minute rays. Parker was quite timid at first, even with his swimmies, but that didn’t bother me a bit. A little fear can be a healthy thing, ya know?

My mother decided we should all go to Chuck E. Cheese that night, but not until about 8 PM so my dad could be there. So, after filling up on pizza and salad, we divvied up the bazillion or so tokens (ok, so I am exaggerating a bit) and pretty much had the run of the place till closing. Rob had to beat me in skeeball, of course...we have this running competition and he can never let my high score stand. Though once, with much glee, I got the jackpot (a score of 450,000 or better) and won over 80 tickets. He later topped my score but only won about 17 tickets.


Nope, I didn't gloat a bit over that one. I am so much more mature than that.

Anyway. Rob also had to prove his prowess by beating Rick and my father at the basketball game. But, he missed the bonus by a point.

Drats. A few more tickets and we could have gotten the Chuck E. Cheese pencil with the eraser. That would have been quite sporty for my Algebra class this fall.

So, anyhow, Wednesday rolled around and I slept in some, then headed up to my parents to swim with the boys. The parentage and Mar and her crew were heading to DC. They had asked if we wanted to go, but Rob, the boys and I had declined. Kaytlin said she would go. As everyone was trying to get out the door, Kaytlin came to me and said, “Mom, I don’t really want to go. I want to stay here and swim, but Devin will be mad at me if I don’t go.”

Ah, peer pressure.

I told her she didn’t have to go. After all, it was her vacation too, and since none of her immediate family was going, why should she if she really didn’t want to? I talked to Mar, let her know what was going on, and she said, “Hey, if Devin gets mad, that is her problem.” So, I gave Kaytlin “permission” to say no.

A bit later, I happened to be coming around to the front of the house as the DC crew was heading toward the vehicles. Kaytlin was standing in the doorway. My mom was in rare form, sort of ranting as she walked toward the gate. I said, “What’s going on?”

Though I don’t remember exactly what she said, my mother’s response went something like this:

(Think mucho exasperation) “I just don’t get it. Now she (Kaytlin) doesn’t want to go to DC. And you…” She motioned to me and sort of rolled her eyes and threw up her hands. “None of you want to do what I want to do! She doesn’t even want to get her picture taken tomorrow! (Kaytlin had a rather large cold sore on her lip that she was quite self-conscious about it; think 11-year-old being constantly asked, “what happened to your lip?”)" Mom continued, "This is my vacation, and you all are spoiling it. I just can’t stand it!”

At that moment, I looked at my daughter. But what I saw was another blonde 11-year-old in that doorway. I knew exactly how she felt as I saw the color drain from her face and the tears well up in her eyes.

“Leave her alone, or we will leave.”

My mother looked at me and started to say something else. In a firm, yet even tone, I replied:

“Leave her alone, or we will leave.”

She stopped in mid-sentence and walked away.

Now, some of you may be thinking, “Wow, Nicole, you were kind of rough.”

But in that moment, I saw the heart of my daughter and in it the reflection of my own childhood.

History would not repeat itself that day.

The rest of the day went by swimmingly. Literally. The kids and I hung out at the pool all day and enjoyed every minute of it. Rob joined us later that afternoon. Janie and Brian brought home a slew of “Cheap Chicken” and corn muffins so scrumptious, I polished off three of them. Rick brought me a caramel macchiato on his way back from taxi-ing Mom and Mar to Old Navy. I think I vaguely remember turning in earlier than usual that night with plans for a morning run.

Lessons learned?

Swimming in a backyard pool doesn’t mean we won’t get to draw lines in the sand.

~ ~ ~

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