Tuesday, Apr. 03, 2007 || This is the entry where I admit that I was in a b****y mood today.

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Um, yeah.

It really wasn't a bad day overall. I was just in a crabby mood. I subbed in the infant room, which I normally LOVE, but the director had the bright idea two weeks ago to implement a forced napping schedule on 4-12 month old infants.

It goes over like a lead balloon, and we end up with whiny, fussy babies at about 10 AM. There was a point where I said, "Screw the schedule - these kids are going down!" (for their naps, of course).

(One of the things I love about being a sub is that I can say and do things that the regular staff can not.)

Then I had an argument with The Daughter's derm's office - well, it wasn't an argument, per se. You see, yesterday I tried to fill two of her three scrips. The two that were supposed to be $30 per. Well, one has to be ordered and is actually $50. So, at the encouragement of my insurance company, I found the same med in a cleansing lotion for $30 as opposed to the $50 creamy wash. Same percentage of med in it. When the nurse called, the doc had already written a scrip for a new med. I told the nurse that I wanted the cleansing lotion with the same active ingredient instead. She said, "Okie dokie, let me talk to the doc and call you back."

A few hours later she called saying that the doc had never heard of the stuff. I assured her that I had gone to the manufacturer's website and saw the product there as well as in the listing on my insurance's site. The nurse kind of scoffed at that, but said she would talk to the doc again. When she called the third time, she was not happy, and I could hear the doc in the background. I told her how I'd found the med.

"We are not going to just google a medicine."

"I didn't just google it. I went to the manufacturer's site and I assure you it is there." She asked me what pharmacy I used and said she'd get back to me - after I told her I would do some more research when I got home from work and call them tomorrow (no computer in the daycare room). Instead, she called right back and, rather smugly, said:

"Your pharmacy does not carry it. If you can find a pharmacy that does, we will call it in."


I spent the rest of my afternoon (the 45 minutes I had before I had to go to an appointment) and then about an hour this evening calling pharmacies. Everyone had the $50 one but the $30 was no where to be found. Grrrr. Seems like a racket to me - like the $50 one is the new one and that is what they are all "pushing" - it is the same freaking active ingredient, people!!!

I finally noticed a product number on the drug description portion of the website. And voila, a pharmacy not only found it once I gave them that number, they order it for me before they even got the scrip.

I left a message with the answering service so little-miss-you-will-never-find-that-med can call in that scrip tomorrow morning.


Oh, yes. Add to those tasty little morsels one argument with The Daughter and two bickering sons.

Is it Spring Break yet?

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