Wednesday, Jul. 24, 2002 || I guess I asked for it

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No more than a week ago I was lamenting the sad fact that I had hardly had a client in 6 weeks. Barely even an inquiry call.

Looking over my funds, I knew I needed to get a few folks in here this month for a resume before we hit the road. So, I started praying about it.

Perhaps I should give a little background. I have a small resume service. Since I do alot of typing and desktop publishing for the church, as well as coordinating the worship ministry, being a stay-at-home mom, not to mention wifely duties, my lowly goal is one client per week. It pays my business expenses, gives me a bit extra, and keeps me sharp.

The first week in July, one client. Perfect.

Second week. Quiet, save one update client. Not bad, but still not at goal.

Third week. A new client. Goal met and exceeded. Extra cash to get some blonde highlights. One happy camper.

Fourth week (this week). I have about a zillion things to accomplish before our trip, but I am confident that I can handle a client, maybe two. A call on Monday from a repeat client - some updates. NO PROBLEMO! Completed that night and he is on his way the next day, extra business cards in hand.

A call yesterday. New client. Has a resume but it needs de-militarizing. Great. Appointment set.

Nicole is feeling pretty good. Prayers answered.

You all know the saying, when it rains it pours?

I should insert here that I am highstrung and I stress easily. And I also have a hard time saying no.

And that is why as I sit here typing this with several loads of laundry to finish, all the packing to do, a house to finish cleaning, out-of-town company in tomorrow for lunch, 3 weekly church bulletins to complete, and a song service to plan, I also have TWO NEW RESUMES AND ONE UPDATE TO COMPLETE.

I guess I asked for it.

You can shut down the clouds now, Lord!

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