Saturday, Aug. 17, 2002 || Vacation Chronicles II: Grand Canyon

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Day Three (July 30th) – The Grand Canyon

Bear with me; writing about and posting pictures of our day at the Grand Canyon may take a few days!

We got up as early as our weary bodies allowed, excitement over the planned trip to the Grand Canyon squelching the driving fatigue. It took about an hour to travel to the park entrance, directly north of Williams. I am not sure what I expected, but we didn’t see the rim as we drove to the Village Market area for parking. We had an early lunch at the Yavapai Café, Kaytlin and Parker opting for breakfast food while Nathan, Rob, and I dined on fried chicken.

We decided to hike out to the rim, just east of Yavapai Point. We slathered our bods with sunscreen, double-checked our water and trail mix rations, and set out, the day warming quickly despite the tree-shaded path.

That first glimpse of the canyon is indescribable. I believe I literally gasped at the immenseness, the beauty, the raw power and majesty of it all. It is breathtaking.

Our first view

I realize that pictures can only offer a small taste of what seeing the canyon firsthand is like. It fills your vision from east to west. How anyone could look at this wonder and not believe there is a God in heaven is beyond me!

I have to admit that while I was awe-struck by this magnificent place, the mother hen in me came out in full force. Number one, I am afraid of heights. Why I would plan an excursion to a hugely deep, dangerous, death-trap, hole-in-the-earth boggles my mind on one level. Number two, I am the mother of three gorgeous children who though supremely intelligent in my eyes, are nonetheless kids with an insatiable curiosity and little fear.

Rob loved going off the trail and closer to the rim to take many of the pictures I will post here. And who do you think wanted to follow him?

Yes, there they are, the little darlings, off of the trail for one of my darling, yet often clueless, husband’s photos. With each stop, my stomach wound tighter and tighter. And did Rob understand this? I’ll give you one guess.

Rob believes it is his mission in life to cure me of my fears. I'm sorry, but I think fearing your husband, or children, plunging headlong into a rocky ravine is a legitimate concern, especially when said husband likes to take said children out to the edge of said rocky ravine.

Enough said.

I will close with a few more pictures from the trail as we approached Yavapai Point.

To be continued soon...

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