Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2002 || Treadmills, fitness shakes, and the search for the perfect butt

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Something happens to a woman's body after the 30-year mark. Gravity begins to take over.

Foods that once metabolized so nicely now find position on nether regions.

(Ah, guys, you might want to skip this part...)

Breasts that nourished three children for a combined total of 3 years lose that perky, upright look. Thank goodness I have never been too endowed in the first place, or they may be standing at attention at my waist by now... (Oh, but I found out Sunday how the young chickies get thiers into that really upright look, but that is another entry...)

So, I have tried various personal exercise plans to no avail. Walking through our neighborhood, various contortions via RedBook, to name a couple.

Personally, I love using a treadmill. I used one faithfully while pregnant with Parker, going to the gym several times a week. But there is something about being more that 15 minutes away from any gym and having an energetic 3 year old that has kept me away from said torture chamber.

So, my darling hubby made a trip to Costco last week and bought me a treadmill. Some of you may be thinking, wow, what a gift, but actually, I have wanted one for a long time. I even asked for one for my thirtieth birthday, but was taken to a nice hotel instead (a different kind of work-out, but that is another story...).

He set it up promptly and I have been using it regularly for almost a week now. I am even moving up from brisk walk to jog.

Let me just say that I am finding muscles I did not know I had...and not because they are bulking up to noticeable levels, but because, gosh-darnit, they hurt! Yup, Marn, I feel your pain (though from what I read now, she is past this phase and is quite the buff and beautious gal).

Why am I putting myself through this? It is the search for the perfect butt. OK, that may sound crazy, but I just can't get used to that lumpy, bumpy look that has become a part of my posterior over the past 1.5 years. Is it too much to ask, to hope for, a firm tushy? And why hasn't it happened yet - I've been pushing my bod to aerobic limits for a full week now? I want instantaneous results!!

Boy, can you tell I am a patient one?

It is amusing - when I was a teen I hated my body. And now, boy would I love to have that teen-bod back again!

Me, circa 1986

So, I'll keep drinking my fruit and slimfast shakes. I'll keep pushing myself on my new exercise machine. And perhaps I'll even start counting fat grams again.

A girl can dream, can't she?

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